Original N ° 9 BASK Copulins
Worldwide, Unique and Pure.

The True, Pure and Erotic vagina flavour of a young desirable, sexually enhanced woman.
N ° 9 BASK original copulin spray is not a perfume, rather a highly captivating and intense natural sexual scent concentrated into an odorous cologne designed to satisfy your most intimate of needs and sexual desires.

N ° 9 BASK original copulin spray is a natural and sexual vaginal scent produced directly from the inner walls of a young, beautiful and sexually stimulated woman’s vagina just moments before intercourse or orgasm occurs. This pure and sexual essence has an overwhelming sexual affect on both men and women and can become pleasurably addictive. Most men that smell our copulins for the first time very often don’t stop.

N ° 9 BASK copulin spray is the true and most highly treasured vaginal scents ever captured in this type of long lasting exposure. This precious “sexual” and organic essence is one of the most well sought after and highly erotic fragrances in the world then embedded inside a classy elegant glass spray ready for your immediate release.To be used sparingly. N ° 9 BASK copulins are 99% pure human female sexual copulins. There is nothing finer.


Please view the Science Channel video / experiment confirming Copulin’s extreme results